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Welcome To Zafran Kabab Palace

All BBQ are influence from namak Mandi Peshawar Pakistani food market with the recipe of Pakistani, Afghani & Persian.
Welcome to Zafran Kabab Palace, an experience of authentic Pakistani/Indian Cuisine which holds a proud place in the list of distinguished cuisines.

Experience authentic traditional Pakistani/Indian cuisine delicately prepared keeping today's tastes in mind. Our diverse menu offers something for every mood, appetite and occasion.

Zafran Kabab Palace food philosophy is driven by a desire to capture the expansive and exotic flavors of (Mughal Empire) Pakistan/India. You'll discover that our menu is as diverse as Pakistani/Indian itself! Choices include a range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, all cooked to perfection with the finest ingredients and spices. It is a family owned and operated restaurant (Only two Locations Now).